• Dr. Miguel Sarabia at Malacañang Palace

    In 2006, Pres. Gloria Arroyo hosted a dinner in Malacanang for the Sarabia family to honor the clan for 100 years of Eye care service to the Philippines…it was a memorable event for all the Sarabia’s…

    Sarabia Optical has survived all these years from 1906 to 2012 and is stil growing. Dr. Miguel Sarabia think that their grandfather Dr. Federico Sarabia was the one who established the Philippine College of of Optometry which was the very first school teaching the science. Iit was later sold to Centro Escolar University and is still producing Optometrists to this day.

    It is an old family story that when he did that, many of his fellow optometrist ( mainly Spaniards trained in Europe) asked him “Why? Are you crazy? It wil produce competition to us!” and his response was…”The Philippines is a young growing country, we need more optometrists to serve our people…and besides, my graduates will not be my competitors…I will HIRE them for the branches of Sarabia Optical!”

    I guess that is how the Sarabia Optical became the largest family owned optical chain in the Philippines…

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