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    Posted on June 20th, 2012

    Written by emjoven


    Lola wants to SEE again…part 2

    By Dr. Miguel Sarabia

    This is my fiesty 90 y/o patient, whose cataracts I did 2 years ago, using MSICs w/Lens implants…she was severely handicapped with poor eyesight prior to the surgery…

    After the operation, she regained her sight (20/30 OU) and also her overall health improved….she also became very independent, often leaving her house alone to walk around town….

    Recently, she developed SECONDARY CATARACT, a condition common in about 30 per cent of all modern eye cataract surgery…it is a thickening of a membrane behind the lens implant…

    The ONLY way to safely deal with this disease is to use the YAG LASER…and laser open an opening thru which the patient can see again…

    Fortunately, our clinic has the most advanced YAG LASER in the market…the CARL ZEISS VISULAS 111 YAG LASER….

    …The problem is solved in 2-4 minutes….

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