• Small Incision Cataract Surgery performed by Dr. Miguel Sarabia

    Video of Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery performed by Dr. Miguel Sarabia at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital.

    This Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery procedure is under topical anesthesia, no injections…

    How long was that frown incision?

    Its about 7mm, base your frown length on the hardness of the cataract…a large soft cataract can be delivered thru a 5.5 mm while a hard yellow brown cataract must have an extended frown…you will know how long thru some experience. The edges of soft cataracts are usually whitish,fluffy, and as you rotate the nucleus out of the bag, the nuclear material crumbles, while hard cataracts have a more solid texture and are in fact easier to subluxate to the anterior chamber

    Is the irrigating vectis connected to a syringe or to macroset connected to an irrigating bottle?

    The manual irrigating vectus has one port…attached to a 5 cc syringe..with about 3 cc fluid inside…slip the vectis under the nucleus WITHOUT infusing any fluid…then as you deliver the nucleus…gently! squirt increment amounts of bss into the chamber…also…counter tracti­on at 6:00 is crucial if you are doing it under retrobulbar anesthesia…if under topical…simply tell the patient to look downwards as you are delivering…Look for my articles in OSN Supersite..

    — Dr. Miguel Sarabia

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