• World’s most advanced lens implantation system is now available

    World’s most advanced lens implantation system….the iSert™ Preloaded Injectable Intraocular Lens by Hoya…is now available in Sarabia Eye Specialists Clinic…

    The iSert™ Preloaded Injectable Intraocular Lens System is a proven technology. In use in Europe and Japan since 2007, and now avaialble in Bacolod City at Sarabia Eye Specialists Clinic, the iSert™ Preloaded System’s completely closed system—from manufacturing facility to implantation in the eye—delivers a lens that is untouched by human hands for the ultimate in safety and sterility. The single-use inserter eliminates the risk of contamination from endotoxins associated with reusable materials and weaknesses of flash sterilization that can result in toxic anterior segment syndrome (TASS).

    In addition, doctors can utilize the glistening-free, hydrophobic acrylic aspheric Hoya Surgical Optics lenses introduced earlier this year with the advanced technology of the iSert™ Preloaded IOL System. The iSert™ bevel tip is designed to accommodate surgeons who prefer incisions smaller than 2.4-mm.

    For more information about this advance eye implantation technology contact us at (034) 434-0757 or email us here.

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